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what did i do i can’t even-_-

this is the end of my holiday yet i posted nearly anything here, i’m sorry..

in 3 weeks of holiday i managed to watch 닥터 이방인, some episodes of running man, read my old novels, yeah, not really productive, i know

Too much

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idk what i feel about this whole baekhyun-taeyeon things. first, i was happy bcs hey this is that kim taeyeon we’re talking about. that adorable and gorgeous lady of soshi and not some girl idol. and next, i feel something burden me inside, but i still happy that time. now that all the facts were covered, the similiar post using pikachu terms on ig, couple things, similiar photo style, and now the confirmation from SMent… i dont know anymore.

i just feel like theres something we didnt know. not that i am in my denial bcs, remind you, i am happy for both of them. the thing is, something’s off. those couple things.. im a bit sensitive about that after watching 6th episode of roommate (park bom and park minwoo’s prank to their fellow roommates, saying that they are dating by wearing couple things, couple rings, even) i dont know.

and the day dispatch ‘caught’ them going out, it’s all suspicious. i mean, look at that outfits. idols usually wear something to cover their faces, hats, sunglasses, hoodie, or something, but in this case there were none.

i know they are just sitting in the car so it’s not needed, but they freakin open the roof of the car. as if they announced that they really are dating. as if, they knew exactly that they were followed and make it even more clearer.

it’s okay i’ll just think of these things by myself and stressed out  i may just on my denial but yeah yeah congratulations for your relationship, byun boy.


well excuse me if i make a lot of simple edits using song lyrics because i feel like it ok…..

i know its so boring and all, since i didnt put so many edit on it–just adjusting some texture and colorings and fonts, but…